Latex 101 - A Short Infomercial

Many people confuse latex and regular rubber when it comes to it's use in erotic clothing and adult toys. Which one the manufacturer uses is obviously reflected in the pricing of the products that are sold. Since synthetic rubber is cheaper to produce, use and work with than natural latex, we see a lot of lower quality erotic goods labelled as latex, being marketed today.

Pure natural latex is an organic substance derived from rubber trees that grow in the rain forests of Southeast Asia. It must be harvested by tapping the trees much like maple syrup production here in Canada... And just like Real Maple Syrup, it costs more....

Unlike other brands on the market, Saxenfelt does not mix any synthetic or chemical additives into their latex in order to comply with the stringent health standards of the European marketplace. In Europe, regulations actually forbid the use of additives such as nitrates, calcium, salts and chalk in products designed to be in contact with the skin, due to the increased health risks. The addition of other chemicals and synthetics is done to reduce the cost of the natural latex and to transform it into regular rubber. These additives tend to make the rubber less flexible so it must be made thinner to maintain acceptable stretch qualities. But being made thinner reduces the strength and allows it to tear much more easily.

Generally clothing made from regular rubber is cut from sheets and glued together at the seams, leaving a weak spot that can rip or leak. Dip molding natural latex is the best way to ensure uniform thickness, maximum strength and to maintain a non porous barrier. All the best quality latex products are dip molded for this reason. ( Notice that surgical gloves and condoms donít have seams.)

Manufactured in Denmark, Saxenfeltís surgical quality latex products are seamless dip molded from anatomically correct forms, which means that there are NO vulcanized or glued seams to rip, tear or leak and all products have a uniform thickness of 0.35 mm. ( NO thin spots, Lots of Stretch capabilities and strong enough not to tear without making you feel like your wearing scuba diving wet suit ! )

But all this good stuff doesn't mean you don't have to be careful with these products. Please note that this is Real Latex and Should Not be sprayed with Automotive Type Rubber Dressings or Polishes. Damage will occur with the use of any petroleum based sprays or cleaners. ( same as using Vaseline with Condoms. ) Use warm water and a very mild soap to clean your latex products after use. For that High Gloss Shine spray with a Silicone base spray. With proper care, Saxenfelt Products can last a very long time.

The aroma associated with liquid latex is from ammonia. It is added as a preservative against bacterial spoilage and to keep the latex from coagulating, but will readily evaporate leaving the latex unchanged. Take the lid off the container for a few minutes before using to reduce the aroma by allowing the latex to breathe, much like a bottle of fine wine.

All of Saxenfeltís Latex Massagers and Toys are Double Dip molded for your protection. This eliminates the possibility of any porous areas where bacteria can lodge and grow. It also gives a firmer feel to the massager allowing a better transfer of vibration with no possibility of tearing. Made with the highest quality motors to give the maximum pleasure possible, choose Saxenfelt and offer your customers a safe and pleasurable alternative to the many lines of poor quality rubber products currently being marketed in Canada today. And usually at a higher price! Your customers will feel the difference...